Dear heart… Can you see the star?


Life is about accepting what you can not change. Its a painful process, and sometimes it breaks your heart to the phase you almost cant bear…

Life is about to see who is with you during the heart wrenching phase.. To appreciate whatever they can do to cheer you up, even though its against their nature…

Life is not only cherish every good, great moments because every time we hit our lowest point, our view become so clear what’s the most important thing and what’s the less one and our focus redefine by it..

Its true that it feels so good sometimes to pity ourselves, but if we stop there and the journey is useless. Bear longer, and make decision when you are ready to jump higher not when you are down there in the dark pit hole.

Take a leap of faith and let your faith grow.. And you will see that you never alone…

Treasure a glimpse of hope in your heart… And your heart will always live..

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